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Allant Group Moves Tokenization Security to the Cloud


The Allant Group has been re-architecting its on-premise data center that hosts its analytic applications and databases to a Software as a Service (SaaS) Hybrid Cloud platform. The tokenized PCI-Island was the remaining hurdle to complete the transition as all the sensitive payment and personal data stored in the secure, on-premise system had to move to the Cloud as well. Selecting a tokenization partner who already had an established cloud security platform became the obvious path forward.


  • New cloud tokenization solution had to be pre-certified by existing financial partners
  • Existing tokenization formats, interfaces, and partner links had to remain unaffected by a move to cloud tokenization
  • New tokenization vendor had to provide a flexible pricing model that did not require significant up-front installation costs or charge fees per every transaction, and could grow with Allant’s data security needs


Allant researched tokenization vendors and selected one that could meet all three challenges—the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform. TokenEx provides Allant with an open, flexible security SaaS subscription model that accommodates payment and personal data types; interoperates with Allant’s existing financial partners worldwide; and provides an elastic pricing model that makes it economical to tokenize and vault all the sensitive data currently in the on-premise PCI Island and add datasets with predictable pricing as Allant’s business grows. TokenEx also matched the tokenization formats used in the existing business processes so no changes were necessary among Allant’s processes or their clients.

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