financial services

Sophisticated Data, Increased Sales

Allant serves both the commercial and consumer functions within banks. Allant can develop sophisticated data models, based on both external and internal information, that significantly increase the probability of the successful sale of consumer and commercial loans, deposit services and related cash management products, as well as non-interest income generating products such as wealth management opportunities, insurance products and brokerage.  

For the commercial business, Allant uses its Multi-Sourced Business file (MSB) to source data to augment the banks existing client information providing insights that help cross sell products and increase lifetime value of the client. For consumer banking, Allant can model existing clients to profile its best existing clients, use this cloned model against its Multi-Sourced Consumer file (MSC) to enhance the quality of data about prospective consumer clients, execute marketing campaigns, and create detailed analytics about the effectiveness of the campaigns. You have a vision - we can get you there! Click here to get started!     


Thru the use of our configurable and extensive solutions, Allant has solved common business problems across many dimensions of financial services. 


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