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Aspiration vs. perspiration

July 27, 2017

“What I did during my summer vacation” was my favorite assignment each school year. As we make the turn for the last remaining days of summer, I recently took stock in what I have done to prepare for my annual essay (which has now become a blog).  This summer I have had the opportunity to participate in many discussions with prospective clients and have conversations with quite a few attendees at several
conferences I attended.

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Top 10 ways to Attract and Retain Millennials

June 29, 2017

To really find out what Millennials wanted from employers I had to ask them. I interviewed a group of Millennials that were getting ready to graduate college and enter the work force. They wanted things like, collaboration, mentoring, motivation, to work in groups and have a strong work/life balance. Wait, am I a Millennial? I want those things as well. Let me get some more data before I can jump on the millennial bandwagon.

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Through the Eyes of an Intern: A behind the scenes look into CRMC 2017

June 19, 2017

I walked into the Hilton Chicago feeling very nervous and especially intimidated at my being a millennial surrounded by executives. But after meeting Devon and Staci along with the rest of the CRMC leadership I was put at ease as they truly made me feel a part of their team.  They made my experience with CRMC an enjoyable and memorable one and I was so glad to help them.

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