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Allant Group’s advanced marketing technology tools leverage data to optimize marketing and advertising effectiveness in campaign processing, display advertising, email marketing, compliance management, lead management, geographic targeting and more.

Identity resolution

Allant identity resolution processing services enable people-based marketing to create and sustain positive experiences with your brand. Our solutions connect your customer data to create distinct, detailed customer identities and establish context for understanding and predicting buyer behavior. Once created, we keep your customer identities current through integrated data hygiene, enhancement and management capabilities.

Our cross device identification product bridges the gap between the online and offline worlds to create an accurate, complete and holistic view of your customer. This unique tool collects all personal identifiers and connects them to one person, enabling you to recognize and target that person across key touch points within the omnichannel ecosystem. Our cross device identification offers more connections, deeper customer insights, expanded engagement, connected experiences and unified preferences to drive better marketing outcomes.

Marketing technology tools
Email as a Service

Email as a service

Allant’s email-as-a-service (EMaaS) platform provides digital marketers with a suite of tools to efficiently create automated, highly personalized multichannel programs based on customer profiles and behavioral data to exceed revenue, customer loyalty and customer engagement goals.

Customer data platform

Allant’s partnership with multiple advanced customer data platform (CDP) providers brings all available customer data, analysis and decision-making into one place. The flexibility of our CDP proves to be the best solution for collection, organization and curation of first- and third-party data from a diverse set of touch points to create a single view of the customer — so you can be sure of a consistent message across an ever-increasing array of channels.

Customer Data Platform
Data Onboarding

Data onboarding

We designed our data onboarding services to unlock the value of your first-party data, enabling you to convert your offline, CRM and prospect data for digital audiences and online targeting. Our unique approach enhances your offline consumer data, allowing more data points to better link with online identifiers such as devices, cookies and other digital IDs for true people-based marketing, so you’ll reach the right people with the right message at the right time, in the right online channel.

Tag management

Allant offers a best-in-class solution that provides active and holistic tag management on your web-enabled platforms for better digital insights and faster time to market. Allant’s tag management experts can also provide ongoing support, working with your team to deploy and validate new tags.

Tag Management




A 1,000-store U.S. women’s retail clothing chain turned to Allant to overhaul its loyalty program and improve and track customer engagement.

Insurance/Financial Services

Insurance/Financial Services

Allant helped one of the nation’s largest insurance providers improve multisourced data access and analytics to support marketing across multiple business units.



This major wireless telecom provider needed a solution that would stitch together online and offline behavior to improve customer targeting and reduce attributable sales cost.

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