Garry is a marketing strategist, entrepreneur and solutions analyst with a passion for enabling companies to stop relying on hunches and start making strategic marketing decisions with cutting-edge data and analytics. 

Insights and Intelligence, Principal at Allant, Garry manages analysts and research, insights and advanced analytical efforts for national B2B and B2C clients for one of the nation’s leading marketing data analytics firms. Armed with an award-winning background in marketing, Garry brings a strategic marketing and campaign effectiveness mindset to every client as he uncovers high-ROI product and operational opportunities for his clients by mining business intelligence.

Prior to his role with Allant, Garry was the founder and CEO of a web-based customer, marketing and workflow management solution for the auto service field. He also served in analyst and marketing roles for brands like USAA, Allstate Insurance, Harris Bank and Midas International.

Garry was a member of the Silver Effie award-winning team for “Trust the Midas Touch” campaign.