​It’s all about the data to Mary Kay. When she’s not attending the Hip Hop concerts her youngest son produces, this proud Navy Mom (of her oldest son) volunteers with the USO of Illinois. 

Mary Kay is a successful product leader with 20+ years of experience in online and offline data product development, integration and analytics for both business & consumer data products across all verticals. While leading Allant’s Sales Engagement team, Mary Kay works with clients to prioritize value features and implement operational plans.  She has the proven ability to identify client data needs and provide competitive analysis. 

Mary Kay is an executive leader who brings unparalleled experience to help clients strategically utilize data sourcing for a holistic view to optimize personalization and to drive stronger campaign results.   Prior to returning to Allant in 2016, Mary Kay held leadership positions with Cogensia, a CAC Group Company, and at LSSiData. She studied Business Technology at Ohio University and Eastern Montana College.